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We have a history of excellent service and affordable prices. Come in and see the difference for yourself. We are a family owned and operated business nestled in the Cochrane Valley. We have been helping Cochrane and surrounding communities with their photos since 1989. Today we have 6 self serve kiosks for you to come in and print your photos on, we still develop and print film 3x per week and we can print on many difference surfaces including ceramic, canvas and metal. We take Passport and ID photos without appointments (children under 2 years do need an appointment) and we have a very small rate of rejection from the Passport Office. Our Custom Framing department carries a wide range of samples for you to choose from and our photo lab has a large printer so we can make really, really large prints for you!


In most cases they are ready in 60 minutes. More time may be required if they are a special size or multiple sizes are required. If your photos are taken late in the day they may not be ready until the next morning that we are open.


You will receive 2 colour photos that are identical in size.

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Available at most travel agencies as well as any outlet of Canada Post. You can also download the applications at


It should be done well ahead of any trip that you are taking. After the photos and application have been submitted it often takes a minimum of 2 weeks (and sometimes much longer) to get your completed Canadian passport.


Because a white background is used, it is strongly recommended that you do NOT wear a white or light coloured blouse, shirt, or jacket. All other colours are acceptable.

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Canadians require a passport to enter the USA.


We can not do this for you. You require a guarantor to sign. Please do not to make appointments to have your photos signed right after your photo is taken, as we cannot guarantee they will be ready right away.


Yes, we take these as well, but you must tell us when you arrive, as these are a different size than Canadian passport photos. Bring along the citizenship application when you have your photo taken so that we can make sure that size and stamps are correct.


We can take photos for almost every other identification requirement. For example: visas, foreign citizenship, gun registry, educational applications, etc. However, you MUST bring along the application forms as photo sizes, signature and stamp and placement requirements are not all the same.


We can do them in black & white for no additional charge. However, you should be aware that they are much more likely to be rejected than if they were done in colour. We do not offer retakes for B&W photos that are rejected.


Yes, we do take these. There is an additional charge for children under 5 years of age, as extra work is required to make sure that their photos are acceptable to the passport office. Children under 2 may need an appointment. Please phone 403.932.6787 to see if an appointment is needed. Children under 8 months will need an appointment.

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Smiles are not allowed in Canadian and most other identification photos. The face must have a relaxed, neutral expression.


There is a VERY HIGH probability that photos taken with glasses will be rejected. Therefore we strongly suggest that glasses not be worn when the photo is taken, even if you normally wear them all of the time. We will ask that you remove your glasses.


If we have taken the photo, you have a less than 1% chance that they will be rejected, as we make sure that they meet application standards. If they are rejected we will retake them at no charge. Please note that we do not offer refunds. Please have the rejection notice and photo with you when you come in. NOTE: If the application is not brought to us, we can not make any guarantees that the photo will be accepted. We highly recommend you bring in the paperwork, no matter what it is for.


Try to dress, comb your hair, trim beard, etc as you will when you are travelling. The closer you look to your photo, the less problems you will have. NOTE: Unfortunately, we do not have a public restroom or change room. Please come already dressed for your photo.

We are here to help you organize, print, create, restore and frame your memories! Foto Care Protection Plans must be purchased within 30 days from the date the equipment covered is purchased. Ask your Foto Source Dealer for more information today! In the event that this equipment requires any repair or service simply take your camera to the store where the Foto Care Protection Plan was purchased and they will handle the repair. Simple, easy coverage for the protection you need.

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